The Voice of the Child: during family breakdown and beyond

June 21, 2018


The article “The Voice of the Child: During Family Breakdown and Beyond” now features on the website of Our Family Wizard. The article was written by Family Law in Partnership directors Helen Greenfield and Elizabeth Fletcher and examines how the voice of the child can be heard during negotiations surrounding family breakdown.

Our Family Wizard itself is an online programme designed to assist separating parents in a number of ways but primarily:

  • setting out schedules for children and their day to day activities; as well as
  • enabling parents to keep track of expenses, appointments (and medical information); and
  • even a section for children’s clothes sizing so each parent can buy clothing and shoes without difficulty (and without having to ask the other parent for this basic information).

The OFW programme is available online where users can sign in or it can be downloaded as an app. Details of the pricing can be found on the OFW website.