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Do I need a Divorce?

March 14, 2019

In this blog Family Law in Partnership senior consultant Pamela Collis examines whether you need a divorce and what help is out there to guide you through your relationship difficulties. In the midst of all the heartache, upset and recriminations surrounding a relationship breakdown it may be hard to know whether what is happening is

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Divorce: How to get through it

December 7, 2016

“The divorce is only the beginning, not the end, particularly if you have children.” This is just one of the top tips given by contributors to our Divorce Diaries website. The website brings together the experiences of over 25 of our former clients who have been through a divorce or separation. “The emotional impact of

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The Good Divorce

November 28, 2016

As Resolution launches Good Divorce Week, director Gillian Bishop examines how to achieve a good divorce. How can there be such a thing as a good divorce? Surely all divorces are miserable and upsetting and everyone suffers? There are, no doubt, many people who are of that view from bitter first-hand experience. But it doesn’t

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Divorce Diaries

November 14, 2016

We have had some fantastic feedback on our Divorce Diaries website. The website brings together the experiences of over 25 of our clients who have been through a divorce or separation. Feedback on Divorce Diaries: “It is such a great initiative” “People can feel very isolated: this is a really good resource for them” “What a

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Divorce Diaries

May 17, 2016

The Divorce Diaries: experiences shared. It is critical for practitioners to understand the emotional impact of divorce and separation as well as the legal implications. In her latest article for Solicitors Journal, Family Law in Partnership associate Carla Ditz looks at the Divorce Diaries website recently launched by Family Law in Partnership. As family law

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Divorce Diaries – Outstanding Reviews

April 21, 2016

Our Divorce Diaries website –– has received the most wonderful feedback. Here’s some of the recent feedback from clients and commentators alike: “It will help many people as they are thinking about divorcing. It is easy to navigate and it looks interesting too” “A (document) like this, cataloguing other people’s experiences, would have been helpful to me

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Jordan’s Family Law reviews Divorce Diaries

April 5, 2016

We’re delighted that Jordan’s Family Law one of the leading resources for family law practitioners, has today published a highly complimentary review of our Divorce Diaries website. The article “Separating Couples Find Support in Divorce Diaries” emphasises the unique insights into separation and divorce that the stories set out in the Divorce Diaries website provide to others

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Plaudits for our Divorce Diaries

March 23, 2016

Our Divorce Diaries website has won yet more praise this time from the judges of The Solicitors Journal Awards 2016 who commented: “the divorce diaries in particular were very unique, innovative and showed you truly cared for your clients’ wellbeing.” Take a look at our Divorce Diaries website which brings together the experiences of over 25 of

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Solicitors Journal Awards 2016: shortlisted

We are delighted to be shortlisted for Family Team of the Year in the forthcoming Solicitors Journal Awards 2016. This is the first year of The Solicitors Journal Awards which recognise brilliance in a changing legal world. The winner of the Family Team award will be announced at an ceremony to be held in London on 25th

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