Bits & Pieces Checklist

In our relationships it can be easy to pass responsibility for whole areas of our lives the other person and then fail to pick up the threads again as we move forward with our independent futures.  Things that you might want to bear in mind when going through a divorce or separation include:


1.       Notifying wider family members and friends.

2.       Copied addresses/xmas card lists, phone and birthday records of friends and family?

3.       Facebook/ LinkedIn and other profiles.

4.       Any registrations with organisations such as schools, old schools, universities, clubs, charities or membership organisations.


5.       Properly redirected, where needed?


6.       Pets – their care, their cost and, in some situations, access.

Trusts, inheritance and agency

7.       Wills.

8.       Are any assets held jointly? If so the share of the first to die passes to the survivor. Does that joint tenancy need to be converted into undefined but separate ownership?
9.       Other members of the family may need to remember to adjust wills where appropriate
10.    Entitlements under family trusts.
11.    Powers of attorney.

12.    Enduring/lasting powers of attorney.


13.    Contents of house/garage etc.

14.    Other items in storage.
15.    Photos.
16.    Computer records.

17.    Are all utilities and insurance in the name of the person who is using the service?

18.    And backed by standing order/direct debit arrangements out of an operational account where appropriate?

19.    Claim for single person council tax discount, where appropriate.

20.    Car insurance (might your partner cancel the insurance leaving you open to criminal proceedings)?
Insurance and pension

21.    Nomination of life policy.

22.    Travel insurance.

23.    Health insurance.

24.    Nominations of pension benefits.

25.    Address for receipt of pension shares/attachment.

Assets and accounts generally

26.    Time to run through every one of your bank & credit card accounts, your share-holdings, premium bond accounts and policies to make sure that is all in order.

27.    For example with banks: you should have separated out any joint accounts but are all the standing orders allocated appropriately? Now might be a good time to check for strange monthly payments that you don’t really need to continue.

28.    With credit cards, ensure that any 2nd card on your account that is no longer needed has been cancelled.

29.    Hire purchase.

30.    Registered addresses for guarantees.

31.    Memberships of clubs & societies.

Benefits, tax and other public bodies

32.    Address for receipt of benefits.

33.    Allocation of child benefit – claim for tax credits.

34.    Registered address with HMRC.
35.    Nomination of principal private residence (for CGT exemption).
36.    Passport address.
37.    Driving license address.
38.    Doctor’s records.
Change of name

39.    If names are going to be changed, please take advice. Children’s surnames will not usually be changed. Changing your own can be done by a formal statutory declaration but copies will need delivering to most of the above bodies and time it right to ensure that no transactions are complicated by it.