We offer a range of process options you can use to resolve the issues between you and your partner and will advise you on the best way forward



Family breakdown, whether or not culminating in separation or divorce, is ranked as one of the most stressful life events.

It creates a series of challenges on the emotional, practical and financial fronts. Whilst not all are negative nor unwelcome for everyone, these changes nonetheless often require some adjustment.

We have a team of highly experienced counsellors Jo Harrison, Ruth Smallacombe and Dominic Raeside, with a wealth of expertise in helping families cope with the emotional questions raised by issues like divorce and separation. They specialise in the complexity of relationships and offer a place for you and other family members to reflect on any aspect of the family breakdown and the decisions associated with it in a confidential, stigma-free way.

Counselling can take place at any time and can cover any topic:

  • For many people the stress of family breakdown can be traumatic, harming their self-confidence, ability to work or concentrate and their view of themselves in the future. Counselling can help them to come to terms with the changes that they may face, regaining their equilibrium and enabling them to make good long-term decisions.
  • Some couples simply need help to get through the divorce process and to work out how to cooperate better.
  • Other couples want to improve their relationship or explore whether they wish to separate and for these couples we offer couple counselling to help them move forward.
  • We also offer counselling to individuals and couples about to embark on mediation or Court proceedings to help prepare and support them through the process.
  • Our counsellors are also on hand to support clients who are contemplating entering into pre or post nuptial agreements.
  • Children and young people are often directly affected by family breakdown and may need support of their own. Two of our counsellors can support children and young people on a one to one basis too.

Many of our clients find that our range of Family Support Services can be of benefit in helping them through the difficulties that they face.