Process options

We offer a range of process options you can use to resolve the issues between you and your partner and will advise you on the best way forward


We offer arbitration as a means of resolving a range of financial and children related disputes in family cases. We have five family arbitrators.

Arbitration may be thought of as judging, but in practice it is flexible, confidential and can save time and cost.

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Collaborative Law

We pioneered collaborative law in the UK where lawyers and clients work together to create a fair and legally binding solution without the threat of Court proceedings.

This “no Court commitment” offers the prospect of delivering a solution for the long-term benefit of you and your family.

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Going to court (litigation)

It may be best for you to use the Court process to decide the issues between you and your partner.

Much depends on what you want to achieve and your circumstances.

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Our mediators help many couples to find solutions to the issues they face without the need for Court proceedings and in a way that focuses on the needs of any children.

They also conduct mediation information and assessment meetings (MIAMs) and mediation in other complex family disputes.

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Crunch-point mediation: unlocking your disputes

It is not uncommon for family disputes to reach an impasse or crunch-point where any chance of reaching an agreement seems impossible. When you reach this point mediation can unlock the dispute.

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We offer Counselling to help you make decisions and understand your priorities.

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Parenting after Parting

Our tailored Parenting After Parting sessions help parents put their children’s interests at the heart of their decision making process.

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