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Marcia Drummond

Graduate Chartered Legal Executive (GCILEx)


Marcia handles all aspects of private family law and has a broad range of experience across financial, divorce/dissolution and parenting matters. She is a Graduate Chartered Legal Executive (GCILEx).

Marcia’s work includes advising on contentious and non-contentious divorce and civil partnership dissolution proceedings together with a range of private children law matters including contact disputes for both married and unmarried parents. She has a particular interest in, and experience of, enforcement of financial proceedings and is very experienced in advising on maintenance variation matters.

“I help my clients to arrive at the best decision for them and their families by listening carefully to their needs and concerns, testing their preferences and helping them to see the likely consequences of their possible choices. I am particularly focused on helping them to identify what will deliver long lasting benefits by making cost-effective decisions.”

What Marcia’s clients say:

“I’m just so happy for [the friend I referred to you] – I’m so glad she got the right help.”

“I wanted to express how grateful I am for all your support over the last few long and difficult months.”

Thank you so much for everything you did…the case had been set up brilliantly in advance of the hearing.Comment by barrister

“Marcia has been an absolute rock! Her support and patience throughout this difficult journey has been more than one could ever have hoped for.”

“It has been an emotionally tense process, getting divorced, even with total agreement between us, and the help of first class people like you. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for others less fortunate!!! Thank you so very, very much for all your help. It seems to go further than just a job in your cases. The human thought, consideration and understanding that you bring into your work is astounding! And so much appreciated, I can’t quite find the words. And professionally I could not have wished for better, in any way! So thank you so much for everything.”

“I sincerely appreciate your professionalism throughout.” Former partner of our client

“I will never forget the support you gave me during my challenging “life event”. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation for everything you did for me. From beginning to end you impressed me with your compassion, flexibility, integrity, professionalism and resilience. Thank you a million times over.”

“I recently went through the process of divorce while I was away from the UK, and was quite worried about the ‘lengthy’ process. Luckily, Marcia was the one responsible for my case: she dealt with all communication in a timely manner and explained thoroughly every step. Marcia made everything much easier and is highly recommended by me!”

“At a difficult time when a court order is revisited, Marcia was extremely efficient and methodical dealing with my case. The outcome was very positive for me and I have recommended FLiP to friends in the same position and all the cases have been successful.” 

“Going through a divorce is a daunting and stressful process for anyone, however Marcia has been extremely professional and proactive during this turbulent time in my personal life. Always very prompt and precise when responding to emails, Marcia has been incredibly clear with her advice and recommendations when explaining what was required at every stage of the process. She put my mind at as ease from day one and I couldn’t have asked for better legal support. I am extremely satisfied with her services.”

“Marcia was brilliant and was a great support to me.”

“Marcia came to my assistance midway through my case. Nonetheless she has demonstrated efficiency and empathy. She has been very professional and can be relied upon. She has been a great help to my case.”

“Thank you so much for your support.”