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Jo Harrison

Counsellor & Family Consultant


Jo is an experienced relationship counsellor, family consultant and former family lawyer. She sees individuals and couples (whether separated or not) for consultations and also acts as a family consultant to support the collaborative law process.

Jo has a depth and breadth of expertise in working with clients who are separating or divorcing and is sensitive to the impact of relationship breakdown and how it can affect individuals and families. As a relationship counsellor Jo fully appreciates the emotional upheaval and difficulties of a separation and as a former family lawyer she understands the particular pressures of going through the legal process.

Jo offers a consultation service where any individual or couple contemplating or going through divorce or separation can access her services (separately from any legal process) and seek support and a space to think about what is happening and how to manage it. This may involve on-going work with Jo or could prompt a referral to another specialist. She has a flexible way of working with clients. For example, a client might come for a one-off consultation and then revert to Jo some months later for a review. Others find it helpful to plan a short course of meetings. Jo might meet with a separating couple individually or jointly. This is something that can be discussed at the initial consultation.

 “I feel that it is really important to think not only about divorce or separation in legal terms but also in emotional terms. By addressing and paying attention to the emotional side of the breakdown I believe that there will be a better outcome for individuals and their families”   

Jo can also work with couples who want to invest in their relationship or prepare for making a greater commitment to each other, e.g. getting married or entering into a civil partnership. This work can be tailored to the couple’s wishes and needs. Some might want a structured series akin to a “marriage preparation course” and some may want to use the time to air expectations and concerns. Differences and similarities can be thought about or couples may wish to use the time to think about how they want to behave with each other and what behaviour may or may not be acceptable. By working in this way, it helps to support the couple’s own problem-solving skills.

Jo also works with couples who are embarking on a pre-nuptial or a post-nuptial agreement (whether or not with one of the lawyers at Family Law in Partnership). This can work well alongside the legal process, particularly in cases where entering into a pre-nuptial or a post-nuptial agreement might stir up difficult feelings.

Jo continues her private practice as a senior clinician at Tavistock Relationships. She has a background as a family lawyer and practised for 8 years in Central London. During that time she trained as a collaborative lawyer and chaired the Skills and Support group which specialised in training solicitors in non-legal aspects to help support their clients. Jo featured in The Times recently talking about the value of couple therapy and has made appearances on ITV’s This Morning (the Relationship Clinic) and Marina Fogle’s The Parent Hood.

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