The biggest concern for many parents at the time of divorce or separation is its impact on their children

Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of divorce and separation. At Family Law in Partnership, we manage our client’s cases with the best interests of each child at the forefront of our minds. We help clients make child-focussed decisions. Whether or not the assistance of the Court is required, we will work with you to put in place the best possible arrangements for the long term benefit of you and your children. Alongside this we will always think about what professional support will be most helpful to you and your family.

Our expertise

Our talented team of lawyers can provide expert advice on a wide range of issues including:

  • where a child will live and how much time is spent with each parent (“Child Arrangements Orders”);
  • moving abroad with your child (“external relocation”) or moving within England and Wales with your child (“internal relocation”)
  • appropriate financial provision; and
  • discreet matters in relation to:
  1. a restriction of parental rights such as preventing a parent taking a child abroad (“Prohibited Steps’ Applications”)
  2. the exercise of parental rights such as choice of schooling, decisions relating to medical treatment or change of name of your child (“Specific Issue Applications”)
  • surrogacy and adoption

Out of Court Process Options

One of the biggest concerns for many parents at the time of divorce or separation is the impact on their children.  Choosing the right process option is therefore key.  When parents are unable to agree about their children, many find that mediation helps. As well as the more traditional form of mediation between two parents, we also offer mediation which involves direct consultation with the children to help parents focus on the needs of their children.

For clients who would prefer to instruct a lawyer to settle matters on their behalf, our team of family lawyers are recognised and respected for handling children related cases with the sensitivity they deserve. Child Arbitration is also available for those who wish to opt for a faster and bespoke alternative to a more formal Court based process.

In addition to our team of family lawyers, we are also able to offer a team of highly experienced counsellors and family consultants who are on hand to help your family come to terms with the emotional issues involved. They have many years of experience in helping with issues concerning children and can offer guidance to parents to help them to make the right decisions for their children.

Access to Court – Litigation

Where possible, we seek to encourage parents to have an open dialogue and to resolve matters relating to their children without the need for Court intervention. However, we appreciate that this is not always possible and sometimes parents have no choice but to allow the Court to make decisions concerning their children.

Our litigation practice is widely recognised for its sensible and constructive approach in high conflict children matters. The outcomes we achieve are testament to this. Many of our cases have an international element and our breadth of experience in this area means we are well equipped to manage and negotiate cases effectively and efficiently.

Where the assistance of the Court is required, we work in tandem with our highly experienced counsellors and family consultants to provide a uniquely rounded approach ensuring our clients and their children are well prepared for both the process and the outcome.

Parenting workshops

In addition to both our legal and non-legal support services mentioned above, we run Parenting After Parting workshops which encourage parents to place their children’s needs at the heart of their decision making process when undergoing a divorce or separation. The workshops take place at our offices in Covent Garden and are free of charge for our clients. Please contact Wendy Hoare if you would like to attend the workshops.

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