We offer a wide range of specialist services to support you and your family through family breakdown

Family Support Services

More than just a process Our family support services provide emotional and practical support


We make it our job to understand the emotional impact of divorce and separation on you and your family. This helps us to address the particular issues that you face and ensures that our approach in conducting your case is tailored to your individual needs and those of your family. We find that this approach, which involves an appreciation of your partner’s perspective and needs, more often than not leads to the best outcome and longer lasting solutions.

Our family support services include:

Counselling is available to you and your family. It can cover any topic and can take place at any time. Jo HarrisonRuth Smallacombe and Dominic Raeside are experienced counsellors with a wealth of expertise in helping families to cope with the emotional questions raised by family breakdown, including how to cooperate better. Read more about our counselling services here.

Our Parenting After Parting course covers what to say to children about separation, how children can be affected when parents split up, how to help children to manage grief and loss constructively and how to establish a parenting relationship with your ex-partner. The workshops are held at our offices in Central London. Find out more about our Parenting After Parting course here.

Family consultancy services are offered by Jo HarrisonRuth Smallacombe and Dominic Raeside, each of whom has a background in psychotherapy and counselling. They offer consultancy sessions on an individual, couple or family basis and can liaise between you and your legal advisers, if required. As family consultants they cover the child related, emotional and psychological aspects of divorce and separation including:

  • how to tell the children about the end of the relationship in a positive and helpful way.
  • how to stage the separation itself.
  • how to find better ways of communicating, in particular over the crucial early stages whilst habits are formed.
  • setting up structures and arrangements that are likely to work well for the children.
  • managing any particular crisis well (eg. new adult relationships) that may arise.

They can also prepare you for what to expect if you are about to embark on mediation or if you are due to appear before the family court. The privacy and discretion of family consultation sessions can be ideal for exploring sensitive and delicate family matters.

Our Divorce Diaries website captures the real life experiences of over 25 of our former clients who have been through divorce and separation. Many of our clients find the experiences they share hugely supportive when going through family breakdown themselves. Our Thought Leadership talks cover a range of thought provoking topics and the wider issues affecting families today. They are free of charge for clients of Family Law in Partnership.

Many of our clients find the Our Family Wizard online scheduling system , which allows each parent to schedule family time and keep track of important family dates, can help them to successfully manage their parenting commitments. Take a look at an introductory video here.

At Family Law in Partnership we have a reputation for innovation and pushing the boundaries of the way we work. And our Family Support Services epitomise this client focused approach. We do this purely and simply to make the experience of family change better for our clients so that they can successfully move forward with their lives.