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Divorce & Separation

Divorce is rarely easy Our top London divorce lawyers & mediators work with you to find the settlement that works best for you and your family


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The process of ending a marriage can be long and drawn out but the legal process itself is generally straightforward. You may already have separated from your partner but for others separation can prove to be very complex and, at times, distressing.

The issues involved in a divorce and separation may range from those involving any children you may have to dividing up your assets.  We are passionate about providing every possible help to families who experience a divorce or separation and have developed a unique range of family support services to help you through the process. We will do everything we can to keep the emotional and financial cost to a minimum whilst helping you to obtain a fair and just solution. Our specialist legal team offers advice and representation on issues including:

If your relationship breaks down and you were not married or had not registered a civil partnership the legal issues you face may be complex. We have a wealth of experience in advising individuals who have been living together on the breakdown of these relationships. Our family law specialists will work with you to offer creative strategies to achieve the best settlement for you. The lack of a family focused legal framework for people who have lived together means that many couples prefer to find solutions in processes such as mediation or through collaborative law. We are uniquely placed to provide the expert help that many couples need to find their own solutions.

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We understand the difficulties that the end of a relationship can bring and the challenges of an uncertain future. That is why we have designed a unique package of family support services to provide constructive support for both you and your children. Our family support services include:

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