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Thinking about separating is likely to seem bewilderingly complex. This is a time when breaking everything down into manageable pieces, as well as keeping in mind the big picture, may help to make sense of what is going on

Divorce & separation

The process of ending a marriage can be long and drawn out but is generally straightforward. You may already have separated from your partner but for others separation can prove to be very complex and, at times, distressing. The issues involved may range from those covering any children you may have to dividing up your assets. See how we can help you navigate your way through the various issues in Divorce & Separation.

You might find it helpful to use our Family Support Services which include Parenting After Parting workshops and counselling sessions for you and your children.

Financial issues

Financial issues can be an area of real concern. Expert advice is crucial before decisions like moving out of the matrimonial home are taken:

  • What would be a fair split of the financial resources?
  • Are there any hidden assets?
  • What does the law say and how are its principles likely to be applied to your particular case?
  • How will you manage with outgoings like mortgages and school fees?


Where there are children, how can they be brought through the family change in the best possible way?

  • The breakdown of your relationship is likely to be having an impact on them.
  • What needs to be set up to help them?
  • What is the legal position?
  • Might non-legal assistance from counsellors or therapists help?

Find out more about how we can help you with our Family Support Services.


Your personal circumstances may require certain matters to be dealt with immediately:

  • Is there an issue of personal safety?
  • Does there need to be a race for jurisdiction?
  • Do assets need protecting or information gathering?
  • Are there privacy issues which need to be managed?

If any of these issues apply to you, you should consult one of our lawyers straight away.

Your relationship

Careful thought needs to be given to managing your relationship with your partner going forward, including:

  • Regaining the equilibrium to enable you to make good long-term decisions.
  • Understanding whether the relationship is really over and has to end.
  • If so, understanding how to best manage the discussions concerning the relationship breakdown and any future discussions (eg. over parenting).

Counselling and mediation can help you to come to terms with where you are now and identify the best way forward. Our Family Support Services may also be of benefit to you.

Process & costs

Many people worry about how they are going to pay for their legal advice.

Court structures tend to be slow, intrusive, expensive and crude – but they are also often the default process.

Are there alternative, less costly processes which might be more appropriate?

The process you select may be dictated by cost so it is important to know what the different options are and how they can be funded along the way.

Read about the process options available to you.

Specific Issues

Finally there may be a range of other issues that need to be addressed, such as immigration or religious divorce. These issues will need to be factored into the process and timing you choose.

It may be difficult for you to manage these challenges on your own. Our Family Support Services help you to address these challenges and move forward.